Twitter Series Part IV – 6 Content Ideas for Your Twitter Posts

Twitter Series Part IV – 6 Content Ideas for Your Twitter Posts

By Ralf Skirr.

Okay, so here’s the fourth instalment of my Twitter series. Thanks for stopping by.

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Today’s article is about ‘What Content to Post to Your Twitter Updates.’

Before you begin posting Twitter updates, you need to be clear about your main goals for using Twitter. If you’re focused before you get started, you’ll write much better posts and get targeted traffic to your blog.

Always remember that 100 targeted visitors are worth more than 10,000 un-targeted visitors.

There are many different ways you can use Twitter, and everyone uses it a little bit different.

Before using Twitter consider these goals:

  • Driving traffic to your web site or blog.
  • Positioning yourself as authority in your specific niche.
  • Building your brand.
  • To make your web site a networking experience by adding Twitter.
  • To draw people’s attention to a specific campaign.
  • To get subscribers for your email marketing.
  • To maximize the number of Twitter followers.

You can use Twitter for all of this, or you can choose just one of these goals and run with that.

You could even create different Twitter accounts for different purposes.

What Content Should You Post To Your Twitter Updates?

I’m assuming you’re not tweeting only for personal reasons, but to enhance your business!

The Twitter site has one question and one question only – What are you doing?
How you answer this is totally up to you.

Try to come up with answers that…

  • are interesting to read.
  • make them pay attention for what you post.
  • make them visit your sites.
  • make them reply and comment on your updates.

Be a person, not a faceless marketer.

To start out with, you’ll want to post a few things that are related to you personally and not your Blog, site or products directly. Remember, first and foremost Twitter is a social networking utility. People have a low tolerance for blatant advertising.

A lot of people simply post about what they are doing in their daily routine. You’ll see a lot of posts like “Eating dinner.” or “Starting this new project.”

If you’re having trouble answering the question “what are you doing” try thinking of it in terms of “what are you interested in” or “what has you attention.”

But only a small part of your posts should focus on your private life. After all you not only want to entertain but also give value to your readers.

Promoting your Blog.

The most basic way of using Twitter to build traffic to your Blog is to post updates on Twitter whenever you make a Blog post. It is even possible to automate the process of adding new Blog posts to Twitter or vice versa adding your newest Twitter updates to your Blog.

If you do submit a back link to your own Blog, be sure to add more to your Twitter update than just the link. Tell them what the specific Blog post is about. You don’t want to be seen as someone spamming his link all over Twitter.

But there’s so much more to Twitter than that.

Ideas for non-Blog post related Twitter posts:

  1. Share valuable information and useful tips. You can post URLs related to your niche, or just interesting articles and sites you find while browsing the Internet.
  2. Write replies to other people’s Twitter updates.
  3. Ask them questions. Ask people what they think of the latest news story, their opinion on a given topic, or what they ate for lunch. By asking them questions you can build your relationship with your followers.
  4. Add to the value of your twitter feed by sharing some personal tips that aren’t on your Blog. 140 characters offer enough space to share a short, helpful tip. Ideally of course post tips related to your industry.
  5. Share links to other people’s sites and explain your view.
  6. Share your own opinion on popular topics. You can submit links to current news, preferably those related to your niche, and offer your comment.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Do you have a few ideas on your own? Please post them below. I appreciate any addition that makes this page more helpful for everybody.

And as always at the end of these Twitter articles I’d like to point you to my own Twitter page:

And when you go there remember that old Genesis song…

Here you go…

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