Content curation just got easier: HootSuite now with RSS Reader

Content curation just got easier: HootSuite now with RSS Reader

By Ralf Skirr.

SproutSocial losing competitive advantage?
#socialmedia is a lot about finding great links and sharing them to your social networks.

One of the main reasons why I'm using +HootSuite and +Sprout Social together is that SproutSocial offeres reading and sharing RSS feeds, while HootSuite has a few other perks.

Today HootSuite is catching up, you can now add feeds to your HootSuite streams. SproutSocial is in danger of losing one of its competitive advantages.

A quick test of HootSuite's RSS app shows a few things to be desired though.
1. You can't pre-view feed items, except opening them in separate tabs, which will give you a mess quickly. Then you have to go back to the Hootsuite tab to share the item.
2. You can't connect to Google reader. It allows importing OPML files, which you can use as workaround.

I'll keep SproutSocial, not only because of the feed preview, but because the more streams you watch, the more uncomfortable navigating HootSuite becomes. Scrolling a mile from left to right and back just isn't a nice thing to do. If I remember right, usability tests already found that out 1 1/2 decades ago.

SproutSocial has the advantage of showing all streams in 1 view, and you can quickly select what you want to see by checking and un-checking boxes. Smart.

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