Chris Brogan interviewed by Robert Scoble [VIDEO]

Chris Brogan interviewed by Robert Scoble [VIDEO]

By Ralf Skirr.

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Reshared post from +Robert Scoble

How Chris Brogan feeds the blog beast

I met up with famous business blogger +Chris Brogan (and famous Google+'er as well) at the Blog World Expo (now named the New Media Expo) and we sat down to talk about blogging and what he's seeing happen around the world inside corporate marketing. He also talks about what it takes to feed the blog beast as an independent blogger. Thanks Chris Brogan for dropping by! You can find him at

By the way, I have about 15 videos to run, I'll be flooding out a bunch today in between watching cool new bands on the Bonnaroo Music Fest that's running live on YouTube at

Oh, and thanks to +Rocky Barbanica for turning this around on a Saturday and doing an awesome job as my producer, too! (He's the one who saw Brogan walking by and grabbed him for this).

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