Can You Make Money Online By Starting With No Money

Can You Make Money Online By Starting With No Money

From Willie Crawford.Willie Crawford

“It takes money to make money!”

This is a favorite quote tossed around by most people when someone starts talking about starting or growing a business. And while this is definitely true for offline brick and mortar businesses, it’s not always the case when you start a home-based business online.

It’s important to understand something though. While you can start making money online without spending any money, success will come to you much more quickly if you DO spend a bit of money from the start. Otherwise, growth will be painfully slow!

Making money online without spending any money is quite possible to do. In fact, hundreds of new people start doing so each and every day. When you start an internet business from home with absolutely no money to invest however, you usually have to make up for the money shortage by investing a lot of time and effort. Whether you invest money, or time and “elbow grease,” you do have to invest something.

The three primary ways of making money online with no money are all similar techniques and they often overlap in several ways.

1. Affiliate Marketing. As an affiliate marketer you can simply promote someone else’s product and each time a sale is made through your promotional efforts, you earn money in the form of a sales commission.

Making money as an affiliate is an excellent way to get started without having to invest your own money, because you can do very simply promotional efforts such as placing advertisements at free online classified sites, online forums, and social networking sites. At some of these sites, these ads can’t be blatant though.

You can also set up free websites, blog, Squidoo lens, FaceBook Profile, MySpace Profile, etc. and create content which is designed to attract the search engines, and in-turn, attract people’s interest in the product you’re promoting.

If you have a knack for writing you can also create articles or press releases about the product or related to the product, and distribute those to various article and press release sites around the web.

When writing articles, I use the problem, agitate, solution formula. People come online searching for solutions to their problems. If you write articles discussing those problems, and then pointing out suitable solutions (your affiliate products) the search engines will help people find your articles. If your articles explain adequately why your affiliate product is the ideal solution, they will buy them.

There is no cost for distributing the articles so as long as you follow the site’s rules about what’s allowed to be posted, you could start generating traffic and sales to the affiliate product, thus earning a percentage of each sale in commissions.

Some products even pay 100% commission. An example is the customer-only affiliate program for the ebook at: Those who get a copy of that ebook are invited to register as an affiliate on the download page. When you make a sale for that ebook using your affiliate link, the payment is made directly to your Paypal account, and the customer is redirected to a download page on the affiliate program’s site. You do need a Paypal account to join that particular affiliate program.

There are thousands of sites that you can post your articles to. However, only a few dozen get any substantial traffic, so you want to focus your attention on those. As you start generating revenue, you want to invest in automated submission tools, such as the all-in-one article, video, podcast and press release service at

Visiting and manually submitting your content to each site can get very tedious, and the automated submission service allows you to leverage your efforts and grow your business much faster.

2. Advertising Revenue. Another excellent and easy way to start making money online without spending any is by generating advertising revenue. The easiest to start with is the Google AdSense program, but there are hundreds of other websites which will pay you to place advertising on your website. And sometimes you can even find companies who are willing to pay you for advertising space directly, but usually you have to have a popular website with a lot of visitors coming to it each day before this can happen.

Using ready made advertising systems such as the Google AdSense program allows you to start making money even when your website is still small, and your traffic levels are low. You can start completely free by using a site such as Blogger or Squidoo, and creating content around a specific topic.

Making money from advertisements is not usually a quick way to start making lots of money online. Because the amount of money you earn depends on how much traffic you can generate to a given website, this type of online money making generally starts slow and builds up over time with a lot of effort. You can make money the first day of getting started, but it’s often just a few pennies at best. Putting the time and effort into this internet business model can reap great rewards however, and eventually you may find yourself earning $50, $100, or even $200 and more every day.

3. Giving Things Away. This method of making money online is quite popular, because you don’t have to convince people to spend money in order to make money yourself. Instead, you offer people a free sample product, coupons, or even information such as car insurance quotes. Each time someone takes advantage of what you’re offering, you’ll earn a specific amount of money. There are company that pay you for getting people to request an insurance quote or fill out a form indicating that they plan on buying a car or home soon.

You can also give away free reports/ebooks/software in free list-building giveaways. When people come to your site, you require them to join your mailing list in order to get the free gift. Then, you periodically send these people your newsletter containing your product offers as well as useful information.

You’ll find lots of free giveaways listed at:

If you create your own ebooks or reports to give away in these giveaways, you can include reviews of recommended products (with your affiliate links) right in the ebooks.

Using this technique is as easy and free as the previous ones mentioned. You can place advertisements at free classified sites, create free websites, write articles, and mention your free gifts at social networking sites to help get the word out about the item you’re giving away.

You can get started in an internet business 100% free, but you will want to reinvest some of your earning to accelerate growth.


Willie Crawford has been teaching people to build a legitimate internet business since 1996. He is one of the world’s leading website traffic generation experts. His favorite tool is an automated article, video, podcast and press release submission service at Visit them now.

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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