Building Your Tribe – More Questions Than Answers

Building Your Tribe – More Questions Than Answers

Building Your Tribe – More Questions Than Answers

By Ralf Skirr.

5 1/2 weeks ago I started to blog. I didn’t have a plan what I was getting into. I didn’t have any idea how well received my blog would be in short time.

I’m not blogging as a marketing feat, but to conquer boredom that had crept into my 12 year old business. To replace routine with something new. With something that would not look for a market place, but simply express my own ideas and thinking.

With so little regard who would read my blog, I’m stunned by the support I’m seeing via social media shares.

For example, my most popular post ‘How To Make Your Business Future Proof‘ received 55 Tweets and 21 Facebook shares within a week.

“Thank you!” to everyone who’s reading and sharing my blog.

So I’m thinking about that elusive topic of ‘building a tribe.’

It’s quite popular for bloggers these days, and also goes under the name ‘building a community.’ You might think building a tribe is easy to do and there’s an abundance of ‘How-to’ information available.

I did some research, and I find the opposite to be true.

Most advice on building a tribe is either

  • not actionable [be authentic],
  • or trivial [enable blog commenting].

Some tribe building tips are traffic-getting tips. I believe there’s a huge difference between being able to drive lots of traffic and building a committed community.

Today’s post is just opening the topic, and I will explore it in more depth in future weeks, months, and posts.

Let’s open with a few questions.


Why would you want to build your own tribe?

Why would someone want to join you?


What is your tribe about?

What’s happening in your tribe?


Who are you looking to gather in your community?


Where does your tribe ‘happen?’


When does your tribe ‘happen?’


How are you going to build your community?

How are your members participating?

If you’re interested in building a tribe yourself, start pondering these questions. I’ll add my own two cents soon.

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