Blog Fail – Traffic From Google 40% Down!

Blog Fail – Traffic From Google 40% Down!

By Ralf Skirr.

Ah, well. Last month I tried out a new blog theme, based on a so called framework.

Within 1 month my Google traffic went down 40%.

I could have changed some things on the new theme, but unfortunately the framework is badly documented. Only blatant, side wide changes are easy to implement. The moment you want to go beyond the most basic changes, there's zero documentation.

That's the bad thing about using WordPress frameworks instead of themes.

The excellent help you get from WordPress documentation (and from thousands of Blogs publishing wp tutorials) doesn't work with frameworks. Then, if the framework is badly documented, and support is lazy, you can't make the needed modifications to your site.

So, starting today, I'm back to my old theme. Instead of using a framework.

Since the theme is outdated and doesn't fulfill my current needs, I'll hire a designer for the good looks, and I'll write my own theme.

Back to work …

P.S. Excuse the mess. :-) Some things have stopped working, because I have deleted the plugins after I switched to the framework. Some others are working twice as good, for example images ans social buttons showing twice. Not sure if I fix this now, or simply wait until I have the new theme ready.

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