What to Do When Your Blog is “Blah”

What to Do When Your Blog is “Blah”

What to Do When Your Blog is “Blah”

You probably jumped on the blog bandwagon along with every other website, but those promises for increased traffic and SEO have yet to come to fruition.

Something about your blog just isn’t working, and you can’t seem to persuade people to visit (or stick around longer than a post or two).

Chances are your blog has the potential to become a great tool for your site, you just haven’t reached it yet because your blog is a little, well, blah!

Here are some steps to take to give your blog the little boost it needs.

Get a Professional Design

While this may be the most difficult step, it’s listed first because it could be the most important. Your blog’s appearance is the first impression visitors will get and could make or break their visit to your site. After appearance comes the functionality of your site, and if that’s toast then your site is a lost cause. These are hard problems to pinpoint on your own, so employ the help of professional designers and engineers.

Professional help can also assist you in fixing marketing weaknesses and SEO problems on your blog.

This doesn’t have to break your wallet: check the Boostability reviews to see how some small companies were able to get a better look for an affordable price this year.

Do Some Research

Shop around some other blogs that are relevant to your topic, and see what they’re offering their audiences. Then expand beyond that and look at blogs in other areas.

  • What are they providing that people seem to respond to the most?
  • What seems to make their blog successful?
  • And most importantly, what are they missing that you could offer instead?

Look around the internet for ideas on what angles and content to provide, and you’ll get a better idea of how to stand out.

Use Your Voice

Some of the most successful blogs are run by average people who tell stories about their home or work lives. You wouldn’t think that this kind of content would inspire such wide audiences, but the fact that it’s written by a real person who others can relate to makes it appealing.

Speak in first person when appropriate, and don’t be afraid to tie in your own personal experiences to whatever you’re writing about. People will be more interested in what you have to say as a person, and they’ll keep coming back to your blog to see where you go next in life.

Take a Stand

What to Do When Your Blog is “Blah”If you have a strong opinion on an issue, state it in article form. You will divide your audience, but this can sometimes be a good thing for your site.

Those who agree with you will be more likely to share your post and those who disagree will argue. This argument will become a helpful discussion on your page or around social media, and the exposure will bring more visitors to your site.

Plus, what’s more interesting than a little harmless controversy on your site?

Offer Diversity in Media

If all of your content makes up the exact same format, you may be missing out on some potential audience demographics that would latch onto something else.

Have some variation in the lengths of your articles, and provide videos and infographics when relevant.

Vary between news articles, interviews, opinion sections, and how-to articles to cover the most ground in your audience.

This will make sure you’re giving every type of reader a chance to enjoy your writing; and when it comes down to blogging, isn’t that exactly what we need?

Theo Schmidt has an interest in computer science and engineering, and he uses that interest to fuel his blogging. Theo also enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and he is passionate about protecting the environment.

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