Beyond Keywords: SEO Techniques That You Can Take From Video Marketing

Beyond Keywords: SEO Techniques That You Can Take From Video Marketing

Beyond Keywords: SEO Techniques That You Can Take From Video Marketing

SEO techniques in writing have become heavily scrutinized.

Google’s Panda update and so on have made it harder for those who indulged in “black hat” SEO.

Black hat SEO is simply a formulaic approach to writing relying on heavy, repetitive use of keyword phrases to lure people in without much (or any) respect for useful, informative content to get anywhere.

This is a good and welcomed development for those who care about actual content, writers and consumers included.

But, what does it mean for SEO writers?

It means that you’ve got to be creative. It means that you had better know real writing and marketing techniques which go far beyond just saturating people with keyword phrases.

If you’re uncertain of what to do as an SEO writer in today’s world that demands quality art, you can turn to successful marketing videos to help learn some important stuff…

Use the classical copywriting technique of “agitate the problem”. People need to realize that they have a problem before you can solve said problem for them. Nobody is telling you to try to manipulate or hypnotize people into believing that they have some problem that they actually don’t have. We mean that people, by their human nature, attempt to ignore or downplay their own problems and you need to get it across to them in your writing that they should solve their problem — using your product or service.

Bring up the readers’ problem. What will be “the harm” to them if they don’t solve this problem?

This “harm” might very well already be going on in their lives. Yes, they may already be feeling it.

How is your product or offering going to solve their problem, preventing more or future “harm”? This is beyond SEO keywords — this is about the art of communications. Marketing videos constantly exploit this. As a writer, visualize and make your readers visualize the resolution to the problem that you agitate.

Use repetition. “Ah!” you say! “This is what we SEO writers do!”

Not so fast.

We’re not talking of repeating the same keyword phrases. We’re talking about what the videos do: repetitively bringing up problems and their solutions.

You will find the videos rephrase the same problem in various and sundry ways over and over again. In your writing, do the same thing. How can you keep restating the same problem but with the use of different words, phrases, and concepts? This goes far beyond saying “keyword phrase”, “keyword phrase”…

Express limitations. The danger here is telling lies to make sales, but…if you have a great offer that only has a limited time on it, or which only has a limited supply, you need to make this known.

No, don’t pretend or lie. We all know about the marketing letters online with the countdown clocks that never get to “zero”. Those things just undermine the credibility of the marketers and their offers.

Talk to people about the fact that you don’t have unlimited resources available with which to help them. Make them visualize (there’s that visualization thing again) what it would be like to miss out on getting the help or the solution that they need or desire.

Tell the truth, but within that make your offer urgent.

Beyond Keywords: SEO Techniques That You Can Take From Video MarketingAsk people to take action. Yes, you need to ask people to do a certain thing to help themselves.

Most people are indecisive by their nature. Your keyword phrases aren’t going to mean much of anything if you don’t ask for the sale. Don’t be shy.

People need to be asked to buy.

And they will need to be asked more than once within your writing, because they will be filled with doubt. Marketing videos repeatedly ask people to buy. You must do the same.

There you have it. Go watch some marketing videos, and then go write.

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