How To Avoid Link Patterns And Penalties

How To Avoid Link Patterns And Penalties

How To Avoid Link Patterns And Penalties

When we’re looking at SEO and what we need to do in order to achieve as high a place in Google’s rankings for our keywords as possible, it is easy to forget that Google is a business with consumers to satisfy.

At the end of the day, any changes Google makes to algorithms, or manual penalties they inflict on websites, are done because they want to keep people coming back to their site, and not using Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine.

If you’re building too many artificial links without giving due thought to the whole process, you’re going to leave a trail. Once Google spot it, you’re likely to be penalized. Here is how you can maximise the success of your SEO activities by avoiding damaging link patterns.

Use Variety

The most common problem Google finds is that all links look the same. This happens when a business uses one way, such as guest posting, to build links, without considering any other methods.

Let us be clear that there is nothing wrong with guest posting, it is an essential aspect of any SEO campaign. Only guest posting to build links, however, is as unnatural as it gets.

Diversity and variety is where you need to be going with your link building. From guest posting and using social media to gaining citations and earning links from your own high quality on site content, you need to have your finger in many pies to have a great link portfolio.

Write for User Experience

It might sound stupid, but forgetting about SEO is usually the best way to approach SEO. If you’re writing content for your own site, think about the new ideas it introduces and whether people are going to want to link to it.

If you can earn 10 natural links because your content is that good, plus another 10 social media shares, you’ve instantly supercharged your SEO purely by looking at the user experience elements of what you do.

Take the same approach if you’re guest posting. Write a high quality piece of content that will drive traffic; don’t just write anything for the sake of getting a link.

Focus on Yourself

How To Avoid Link Patterns And PenaltiesWe’ve just mentioned the importance of quality content, but it really needs its own section to do it justice. When people talk about producing content that people will want to link to, they get stuck thinking that it only relates to written content.

However, infographics and video tutorials are among the leading types of content that are linked to.

Like with link building, if you have a diverse catalogue of content, more people will link to you, meaning every aspect of your link portfolio will be natural and strong.

Know How to Use Anchor Text

Links that come from exact match anchor text aren’t going to achieve anything. Instead of getting keyword heavy with your anchor text, even when linking internally, simply point the reader in the direction of your site with a brand name or URL.

Following these tips will help you avoid creating link patterns and subsequent Google penalties; make sure you have them in mind in all of your SEO activities going forward.

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