4 Tips For Attracting More Visitors To Your Blog

Master The Technique Of Attracting Visitors To Your Blog

4 Tips For Attracting More Visitors To Your Blog

You have a great interest in your blog.

You started it because you are passionate about the topic, and you want to share your knowledge and interest with others.

Despite your enthusiasm, it can be tough to get new visitors to your site, which can limit your earning potential.

Here are some things you can do to make your blog stand out and look more appealing to those who come across it.

Get Social

If you want people to read your blog, then you need to read theirs. Find blogs that cover similar topics and views as yours. Leave a positive and friendly comment, and include your blog address. The blog’s owner as well as other readers will see your information and may be tempted to click on it.

You can also take advantage of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Take time to find other users that may be interested in your blog, and “like” their pages. This will draw them to check out your blog. Update your posts frequently with relative and useful information. The more reputable you appear, the more likely you are to gain more visitors.

Make It Interesting

If you want people to return to your blog repeatedly, you have to write posts that they want to read. Make your posts relevant to the topic, and invite your readers to discuss their views and opinions.

When you publish a new post, make sure that you update your social networking pages so your followers will know that there is something new for them to enjoy. You may also want to have a RSS feed that allows followers to receive your posts as an email message.

The Importance Of Links

Links are very important in blog posts. When you have links that direct readers to other posts, you will get more traffic. You should also link to external websites on occasion. Your blog will appear more reputable when you include other sources. There’s absolutely no reason to hog all the link juice. You should naturally link to any and all sources that are useful to the reader.

You may also want to take advantage of link-ups, which are when another blog owner allows visitors to advertise their own posts for free. This gives you even more exposure to potential visitors. Take care that you only link up with similar blogs for the best results.

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Respond To Comments

Master The Technique Of Attracting Visitors To Your BlogPeople like to know that someone respects their opinions, which is why it is important to respond to the comments that readers leave on your blog.

When you acknowledge their time and effort at reading your blog, they will be more likely to recommend you to someone else. This can lead to even more blog readers, which can increase your income.

When you take the time to structure and run your blog properly, you will be amazed at how many more readers will visit your site. With some careful planning and dedication, you will soon be earning even more money with your blog posts.

Ralf Skirr Ralf’s comment: This article was proposed to me under the title ‘Master The Technique Of Attracting Millions Of  Visitors To Your Blog.‘ Apart from being a bit clumsy the promise the article would help me to get millions of visitors is outright ridiculous.

I told the anonymous author [most likely an SEO agency, since the pen name Mark seems made up] they should send me the article IF it lives up to its title.

Now, what do you think? Will the tips above give you millions of visitors?

It’s an example of why guest blogging is getting a bad name.

I guess I will soon stop accepting posts from MyBlogGuest.com, as most of their articles come from SEO agencies, not bloggers.

If you’re a blogger [a real person writing for herself or her own business] who’s interested in writing for ibmm, contact me. :-)



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