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I’m talking about info-products, software, and memberships I find really great for your business. I won’t talk at all about things that I find crappy.

DLGuard 5 Finally Available!

DLGuard (short for digital download guard) is truly one of the most beloved ecommerce tools – which is a rare thing to say about software. The first version of DLG was created early 2005 by Sam Stephens, at that time called CB Download Manger. Since 2005 Sam has added numerous upgrades and features.

DLGuard is […]

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How to Gain Trust and Credibility with Affiliate Product Reviews

Transcendent values like trust and integrity literally translate into revenue, profits and prosperity.

Patricia Aburdene said this, the Author of Megatrends 2010

She wasn’t talking about product reviews. Yet, it’s easy to see how trust and integrity spell the difference between a product review that sucks, and one that’s worth the ‘review’ title.

2 days […]

Compass with the word integrity.

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TurboMembership Review

Review of TurboMembership. TM is one of the longest running internet business memberships. The TM is essentially a one-stop, all-in-one solution that is continuously updated each month with new products, tools, and training resources that enable Turbo Members to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to building and maintaining a successful internet business. So here’s my review on what TurboMembership is about, what I like about it, and also what I do not like about it, what I think could be improved.

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