Growing your internet business is all about content – and most of the time that means written content. This section is about copywriting for business web sites, sales letters, articles, promotional e-mails, and much more.

Controversy In Copywriting – A Few Shocking Examples

One of the goals of a copywriter is to attract the attention of the reader. Some attempt to do this with humour, or a clever turn of phrase, or by offering some exclusive special deal or amazing value.

Then there are the copywriters who try to elicit chills, gasps and looks of surprise or horror […]

High voltage sign

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Essential Writing Skills

Marketing requires not only a good mastery of persuasion. It also calls for at least a mastery of the basic writing skills. The idea behind it is simple: You can be persuasive, but you can’t fool a reader with bad grammar. What do you need to improve your writing skills? Well…

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Customer Service, Barack Obama Style (Parody)

How would you tell your customer to look for your confirmation email doing it Barack Obama style? Last night I was working on the German translation for a customer service text. I got sidetracked – because for about a week now I’ve also been studying the rhetorical techniques of Barack Obama. Then I flet I need some practice … and a few hours ago the ‘Customer Instructions, Barack Obama Style’ came into existence.

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