Affiliate Article Marketing 3/7 – Grabbing Attention with Headlines

Affiliate Article Marketing 3/7 – Grabbing Attention with Headlines

By Ralf Skirr.

Why Article Headlines Are Crucial?

Welcome back to the affiliate article marketing series. Part 3 is dedicated to making your article successful from the start.

When someone searches for your article and sees it in the listing, the very first thing that they’re going to see is the title of the article, or in other words: The Article Headline.

For this reason, your article headlines are of the utmost importance. Essentially, they’re going to ‘make or break’ your article as far as it getting views is concerned. Unfortunately, once you’ve submitted an article you don’t get to edit or tweak the headline, so you’re going to have to get it as right as possible on the very first try.

Certainly, trying to sum up the entire eBooks that are dedicated to the subject of headlines, and how to write them well, in this small space, would be close to impossible. But, at least you can be pointed in the right direction.

Since the whole purpose of the headline is to attract attention, think of what has grabbed your attention in the past. Certain words may tend to perform better than others, but since you can’t be sure without testing… it probably isn’t the right place to experiment.

Here are some types of article headlines, with examples:

Lists, such as, “Top 5 Ways to Groom a Dog for Competitions”.

Questions, such as, “Do You Want To Learn How To Groom a Dog?”

Commands, such as, “Start to Learn to Groom a Dog, Now!”

Abstract, such as, “Coming Soon: Fluffed Tails and Trimmed Coats”

Remember, all that you need to do is attract attention in your article headline.

It is up to the rest of your article to build interest, and make clicking the backlink more likely.

How to do this will be discussed in the upcoming 2 issues.

See you there…

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