Are Internet Radio Interviews Worth The Trouble?

Are Internet Radio Interviews Worth The Trouble?

From Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford

When I first discovered Internet radio shows, and the fact that anyone can start their own radio show online, I wondered how valuable they really were.

I wondered how useful it would be to become a guest on some of these shows. I wondered how big and how responsive the audiences were.

I wondered how useful it would be for me to host my own show. How many people would actually tune in to the live shows, and how many would listen to recorded episodes in the archives.

I am very please to announce that after over a year of being a guest on numerous Internet radio shows, and of hosting my own, I consider them VERY useful.

Long ago, I took a course in getting free publicity by being a guest on talk radio shows. In that course, I learned the with some of the smaller radio stations you may NOT have a huge audience, but if you do things right you can still make lots of sales, and get lots of new subscribers.

I’ve discovered that being a guest on an Internet radio show is really no different than being a guest on an offline radio show.

It’s actually MUCH easier to build your list by being a guest on Internet radio shows though. You merely need to asks the host’s permission to give out a free gift, and you send the listeners to an autoresponder to collect the gift. With offline radio shows your listeners may be in their cars, or nowhere near a computer so it’s harder to drive them to a website.

Hosting my own radio show for over a year has also provided a terrific marketing tool, boosting my sales and name recognition! My show, hosted and archived at has had hundreds of thousands of listeners (mostly tuning in to archived episodes). Many of them have become customers, often buying affiliate products promoted during the shows.

I’ve also had many episodes of my show transcribed, creating dozens of ebooks that I either sell or give away. You can see how I turn transcribed episodes of my show into free ebooks (and use them to build my list) at:

I promote those free transcripts via email, articles, press releases, videos, blogs and social networking sites. I also offer some of the free transcripts (as “ebooks”) in free list-building giveaways).

In the past year, I’ve had over 250,000 downloads of transcripts from my radio shows. That’s a LOT of great publicity, and a LOT of links to a products and services that I recommend.

My radio show has become a content generating MACHINE!

I often use MY affiliate links for products offered by guests on my radio shows. It’s a very lucrative model.

So getting back to the title of this article “Are Internet Radio Interviews Worth The Trouble?” my answer is absolutely. It’s a big part of my business model. It may be a ready source of new business that you should tap into today.


Willie Crawford is a leading Internet marketing and traffic generation expert. His favorite method for generating free website traffic is distributing videos, audios, articles and press releases using the automated distribution service at

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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