How To Add Proven Sales Power To Your Marketing Material

How To Add Proven Sales Power To Your Marketing Material

How To Add Proven Sales Power To Your Marketing Material

By Ralf Skirr.

It’s easy to get lost in your own head when creating your marketing material and messages.

  • We write brochures and web copy about what we think is [or even SHOULD BE] important to the client.
  • We promote the products and services most that we think the client is most interested in.
  • We create lead funnels and sales funnels that we think the client will find attractive.

You get the idea: our marketing could be more effective if we knew for sure what’s really attracting your clients.

Here’s an easy way for you to get more clients with less selling.

1. Take a look at your past clients. What feedback have they given you? Is there a common theme in their testimonials?

2. Take a look at your referrals. Why did they come to you? What did they tell you at first contact? Is there a common theme why they had been referred to you?

3. Take a look at web site and social media content. Are there specific topics repeatedly generating the most engagement? [Make sure to look for engagement from actual clients! We’re only interested in info from those who actually hired you.]

You might be surprised when you discover common themes that you didn’t pay attention too before.

This is information from real clients, revealing to you WHY they bought from YOU!

No more guess work or wishful thinking in your marketing! You can capitalize on this by focusing your marketing on these topics.

As an example, here’s what I found out for my web agency. Looking at feedback from 10 years there are 2 recurring themes:

  1. Clients again and again told me they bought from us (or referred us) because they felt my web site and my explanations on the phone were easy to understand. My ability to explain complicated internet marketing topics to non-professionals is the #1 trust maker for my clients.
  2. The second most mentioned theme was that I always answered their questions quickly and fully. This was mentioned for pre-sales communication and for the actual projects.

How does this help to improve my marketing?  [Again, this is an example. For your own business, you need to find your own client’s answers. They will show you your business’ hidden strengths.]

  • I will write many more newbie-friendly articles for my agency web site. [It’s not]
  • In my marketing material I will specifically mention how much attention we put on making complex marketing stuff easy to understand for our clients.
  • I will purposefully refrain from stressing points that were never ever mentioned in feedback, even if I considered them to be important up until now.

Doing this I’ll get the attention of clients who are naturally a good match to my agency.

You can do the same.

  1. Find the ‘why’ of your past buyers.
  2. Magnify the ‘why’ in your future marketing.

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