7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From Entrepreneurial ADHD

7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From Entrepreneurial ADHD

7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From Entrepreneurial ADHD

By Ralf Skirr.

Have you been running an online business for some time but you’re not getting anywhere?

You might suffer from what I call ‘Entrepreneurial ADHD.’

It’s not a medical condition, it’s a psychological one. One that makes you create a business that doesn’t work.

I speak from experience. I’ve wasted years of my life dabbling in businesses without making much progress.

How Many Of These Signs For Entrepreneurial ADHD Describe Your Business?

1. Your business is having financial problems.

  • You can’t pay yourself an appropriate salary.
    [If you work for free it’s not a business, it’s a hobby.]
  • You don’t have money left for a marketing budget.
  • You don’t have money left to hire help or pay for tools and services.

In today’s open world it’s really hard to consistently work on a reasonable business plan and not earn money. If you find you work a lot but aren’t financially successful, you need to stop what you’re doing and start focusing on how to make profits.

2. Your business is turning a profit but hasn’t grown in years.

Unless you made a deliberate decision to stay small and not grow your business you should see at least a slight improvement every year. If you’re not growing you might have lost focus.

Business isn’t getting easier; creating growth will put you in a better position to survive and thrive despite increasing competition.

3. You have several web sites without offering anything a customer could buy.

Take a look at each web site you own. If several of them don’t have offers that can make your money, you know you’ve wasted your time.

You need to focus on putting monetizable offers on your sites.

4. You have lots of unfinished projects and unfinished products.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Having lots of unfinished projects is a tell-tale sign of Entrepreneurial ADHD.

The only way out of this mess is to commit to one project and dismiss all others until it’s finished and profitable.

5. You’re easily excited for every new business idea that comes along.

It’s self-evident that you’ll never build a profitable business if you’re changing your business plans every few days or weeks.

6. You spend a lot of time wasting time.

7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering From Entrepreneurial ADHD - do not disturbChecking your email every 30 minutes isn’t going to make you money.

Neither are Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or reading Google news.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

7. You’re living in the future.

If a big part of your thinking revolves around thing’s you’ll do and accomplish [tomorrow|next week|next month|next year|in your next life], you won’t.

The only way to accomplish something is to actually work it.

Planning it won’t get it done.

The Solution. I’m an accomplished expert in each of those 7 disciplines. Fortunately I can tell you there’s a 3-step solution that’ll cure all 7 symptoms at the same time.

  1. Choose one business model and make it a priority.
  2. Work on it every day. The harder, the faster you’ll see the turnaround.
  3. Avoid distractions like the plague.

This article was first published at RalfSkirr.com.

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