7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed Success

7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed Success

7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed Success

What is Link Bait?

Link bait is 'content' relevant to your website or service that is posted online with the intention of attracting links.

Usually, the 'Link Bait' has some form of link or advertisement within it that encourages people to visit your website for more useful tools.

By providing useful information to potential customers, you indirectly build industry credibility online.

Building a link bait library takes time and keyword research to ensure links kick in sooner rather than later.

Here are 8 types of link bait that will bring links to your website quickly:

1. Infographics

Infographics are graphics that depict how to do something, or statistics, or general information on a topic. They are great for explaining statistics, showing the process involved with a project or even for explaining an ROI to customers.

Create as many infographics as possible and include them in blogs and service pages. From here, submit them to social bookmarking websites and post them to Pinterest. Pinterest is by far the best social media sharing tool when it comes to infographics.

2. 'How To' Blog Posts

Teaching people how to perform the services your website offers builds credibility, and increases the amount of information online that links to your website. Using Google+, join a few communities that pertain to your blogs, then post links to your blog on the community pages to drive traffic to your blog.

Producing content on a large scale every day can become over whelming. Use a blogging service to update your blog daily to keep consistency and increase link bait. Blogs may take a while to attract links, but the links will be present for many years to come.

3. 'Top 10 Things' Blog Posts

Google loves to see blogs on things like '10 things not to post on Twitter' and other catchy list post titles. Creating a list of useful tools or services relevant to your industry is likely to attract links from other bloggers and forum moderators. If someone in a forum is looking for the top 5 places to submit their blog, this is a great opportunity to create a post about it and build a link in response to their inquiry. Remember, being helpful and providing information goes a long way when it comes to SEO.

4. Video Tutorials

7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed SuccessDon't limit your tutorials to just articles, try using videos. Using social video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, post multiple tutorials with keyword rich descriptions.

Consider featuring them in blogs and other places on your website, as they can quickly attract Likes and comments that can increase the social networking authority of your business.

The key to building a buisiness online is transparency and providing useful information. Here is a more detailed article on the best approach to building your internet sales plan.

5. Ego Bait

When researching blog topics consider linking to other relevant blogs while praising the author for their efforts. Try something like "…in an excellent blog by 'John Doe' on 'Your Topic', studies showed a 10 percent increase in…". Mentioning the author in the post with a link to their blog not only strokes their ego, it makes them more inclined to link back to your content.

6. Contests

Run a contest on your website for a give away, then promote it on all social media channels you are currently utilizing. If your prize is appealing enough, customers are likely to share it with their friends, thus increasing traffic to your website. Be sure to use a recapture for any contest. This ensures you have a phone number or an email address to further correspond with those interested in your business.

7. Free E-Book

7 Types Of Link Bait For Guaranteed SuccessOffering an e-book will increase links ten-fold if the topic is under served and in high demand. Advertise your e-book on social media, meta descriptions and on the home page of your website so that customers are sure to see it.

E-books can attract high page rank blog links that can easily boost the search appearance of your website. I can't stress the importance of informational content enough. Include content marketing as the foundation of your SEO plan to ensure long term, sustained success.

Using the described link baiting methods above, your website is sure to start attracting links and generating leads.

About the author: Nick Honard is a Marketing and Public Relations professional with years of experience in both traditional, and online marketing methods. Nick and his team are responsible for hundreds of successful online marketing campaigns, Ecommerce websites, and much more.

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