7 Tricks To Improve Your Social Media Presence

7 Tricks To Improve Your Social Media Presence

As a striving businessman/woman you may be asking yourself “How do I make the most of the internet to maximize my business’s potential?”

Luckily, an improved and compelling online presence is not nearly as trivial as it may seem!

Here are some quick tips for how you can boost your web presence (for free!) and make your social media presence more effective and profitable.

1. Start blogging

If you don’t already have a blog talking about updates on your business, new products, and new developments, make one now. The blog itself is free and can really help you to get your name and ideas out there, generating more online attention.

2. Update your blog frequently

Next, make sure you update your blog often. That way people know when progress is being made, how it is being made, and when to look for new information. Blogging at least twice per week is recommended.

3. Tweet Often

Twitter is another quick, easy way to get the word out for your business. All it takes is a quick sentence or two and you can effectively update everyone who follows you and more on what’s going on in your business world.

But be sure not to spam people with too much talk about business. Twitter can be updated quickly and easily enough that you can throw some humor at people every once in a while.

Make your twitter page informative as well as entertaining and you should have no trouble improving your internet presence.

4. Engage With Your Readers

If people are reading and commenting on your blog posts, respond to them!

They would love to have their questions answered by the head of the blog itself.

Also, be sure to make your articles informative as well as entertaining. Don’t get too caught up in the jargon of the industry; make your posts palatable to the average person. Engage, make connections, and continue to post.

5. Guest Blog on Other Blogs

Another great way to make connections with large amounts of people via social media is making connections with other blogs.

If you have your own personal blog posts being shared on larger, more frequently visited blogs, you have a greater chance of connecting with more and more people. This number of connections can only increase by sharing your posts with other people. You can then find other bloggers in your niche and exchange content, helping everyone in the process.

So be sure to visit other blogs, post to other blogs, and be overall more active on blog sites; it can really help to increase your own following.

6. Use Second-Tier Social Networks like Vine, Instagram, etc.

In addition to the big social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter there are what are referred to as “second-tier” social networks, like Instagram and Vine.

Content from these sites can be shared on the larger networking sites like Facebook and can come in handy for increasing your presence on the internet.

You can use Instagram to share pictures of nearly anything, from your newest product to the cool place your business meeting is being held to your new pet cat. You can even share a picture of a sunset every once in a while. Instagram doesn’t judge.

Just be sure to rack up the number of followers you have in order to maximize the audience you are sharing your information with.

7. Promote Contests to your Followers

So now that you have a bunch of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, you can promote contests to your awaiting clients!

Offer things like free merchandise or discounts for answering trivia questions and reporting back to your post.

Sometimes people need a little bit of an incentive to get more engaged with your business but, if you provide them with rewards, you will see your audience become more engaged and participatory with your posts.



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