6 Ways To Save Money When Starting Your Internet Business

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6 Ways To Save Money When Starting Your Internet Business

When you're starting an internet business it's easy to suffer from "shiny object syndrome" and to rapidly find yourself spending more and more money on tools and training before you actually start to make any real money.

Of course, the gurus will tell you that you can start your own online business for the price of a domain and hosting account. Yet as soon as you've joined their mailing list they'll start recommending one "essential" tool after another.

The fact is that you're starting an online business with one primary goal in mind; to make a profit online. Sure, building an internet business can be fun, satisfying and has the very real potential to free you from your day job – but there won't be any significant changes to your lifestyle until you're actually pulling in a healthy profit.

Fortunately there are a host of ways that you can build your business while spending very little money at all, if you know where to look.


There are numerous internet marketing forums online and they can be a great place to further your education and understanding of the internet marketing world without needing to spend money on ebooks and courses. Popular destinations include the Warrior Forum, Sitepoint forums and Digital Point, not to mention niche forums like A Best Web and Associate Programs for affiliate marketing advice.

Take the time to join these forums and comb through the past discussions. You'll quickly find all sorts of golden nuggets that you can apply to your own business and of course if you have a question that hasn't been answered you'll have thousands of experienced individuals who can advise you.

Product Launches

The product launch market generates million of dollars each year and one of the strategies that these marketers use to draw in respects and build trust with them is by giving away free training and tools before their product even launches. The theory is that by the time they actually release their latest product, you'll be so caught-up in their sales cycle that you'll end up spending some money with them. Of course, if you can maintain your self discipline then getting involved with product launches can be another way to get premium training without the cost.

Try subscribing to some of the gurus mailing lists and you'll soon find that you're being offered free ebooks, videos and sometimes even software tools as part of the latest product launch. So long as you go into it with your eyes open – and don't get sucked in by their marketing – you'll be able to learn an awful lot without having to spend a penny.

Free Trials

Numerous pieces of software and training courses try to draw in new customers either by offering a free or very low cost trial. Now, I'm not suggesting you aim to "rip people off" by just subscribing for free, downloading everything and then cancelling again (bad karma!) but these free trials can be a great way to test out various products and services to find those that can genuinely be useful for your business.

As an example, Kristi Hines recently published an article that outlines 10 different SEO products that you can try out for free. Suddenly you can gain access to hundreds of dollars worth of tools used by some of the most successful SEOs in the world – without needing to risk any of your own money.

Rent Rather Than Buying Outright

There is a concept known as "software as a service" (or SAAS for short) where rather than buying a piece of software outright you instead pay a smaller sum to use it on a monthly or annual basis. The jury is out on which of the two pricing structures is the more cost-effective over the long term, but when you're just getting started these SAAS tools can be a cheap and simple way to gain access to premium tools without having to stump up a serious amount of cash.

Examples of some services that offer low monthly payments rather than giant one-off fees can include web hosting, storage and backup solutions, professional social media applications and autoresponders. Just remember to shop around if this idea appeals to you and ensure the service you sign up for charges on a monthly basis rather than having a one-off payment.

Free Alternatives

If you're willing to do some research you can often find free alternatives to expensive pieces of software. For example you can use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office and save yourself hundreds of dollars. You'll find free SEO plugins like Yoast SEO. You'll uncover free autoresponders like MailChimp. And of course software like Joomla!, Magento and WordPress are all open-source ways to build a website, not to mention all the free themes available to customize your site.

Coupons & Vouchers

One final tip worth considering is the number of business-building services that regularly offer promotions on their products. Before you consider buying web hosting, domain names and suchlike, spend a few minutes on Google searching for coupons. You might not always find one, but when you do it's possible to save considerable amounts of money on a purchase you were going to make anyway.

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