5 Vital Components Of A Highly-converting PPC Ad

5 Vital Components Of A Highly-converting PPC Ad

5 Vital Components Of A Highly-converting PPC Ad

When it comes to pay-per click advertising, it really doesn’t matter how fancy your site is if people never get to see it.

PPC ads are an extremely effective way to drive relevant traffic to your site and can generate a significant profit if you do things right.

A great, highly-converting PPC ad uses a combination of best practices and those little details that make you stand out from the crowd.

However, with only 25 characters in the title and 35 characters per line in the body, getting your message across can be a challenge, especially since there are other ads and organic results also competing for people’s attention.

In this post we’ll go over the five vital components of a clickable, highly-converting PPC ad.

1. Powerful keywords

PPC ads revolve around keywords so use your most powerful ones in your adverts in order to target the right audience. However, you also need to use them in the title and body description of your ad for maximum impact.

When a term someone has searched for appears in a PPC ad, it’s highlighted bold, making it much more noticeable.

You can probably tell the ads below were returned after a search for “pet insurance” and you can see how the term stands out.

Make sure you include keywords in your ads as well as well as using them to target your campaigns.

2. Eye-catching headlines

The title of your PPC ad, the part that’s blue and underlined, is one of the first thing people see when they run a search on Google so it’s your chance to get noticed.

To capture people’s attention and get them to click, your headline needs to be clear, catchy and to the point – avoid clever headlines as these are often confusing.

Take a look at these two examples generated by the phrase “watches for women”:

They’re not mysterious. On the contrary, they’re extremely specific and clear: “Top Brand Watches At Low Prices” and “Up to 50% Off Designer Watches” let people know exactly what to expect.

3. Highly relevant descriptions

The two lines of text under the headline are the PPC ad’s description.

A great description begins to sell the customer on the product and should give a clear idea of what they are clicking on and what they will find on your site.

You want your description to get the searcher to think that’s exactly what I’m looking for”.

See the two below examples to get an idea of what makes a great description:

Not only do both include the keywords in the descriptions but one adds a sense of urgency (“just dropped”), while the other creates a feeling of confidence as three million travellers have already used this site to book their trips online.

4. A call to action that creates urgency

Your PPC ad is unlikely to convert if it doesn’t include a specific call to action that creates urgency and reinforces desire. If you want searchers to buy your product, download your e-book or sign up for your newsletter then tell them to do so. If you have a product on sale, tell them that they need to act soon otherwise they’ll miss out.

Here are two good examples:

The first invites people to take a specific action, while the second uses discounting to add urgency to things.

5. The Display and Destination URLs

A PPC advert has two URLs:

A) The Display URL which is the visible URL included below the headline and which you can edit as you see fit:

B) The Destination URL which is the web page where the searcher will land on when he clicks on your ad.

The two don’t have to be the same but whatever you do, don’t set your destination URL to your homepage. If you’re promising potential customers flights to New York, then send them to a dedicated landing page so they can view what you have on offer.

If you send people to your homepage then they’ll have to search for what they’re looking for on your site, adding in an extra step which will reduce your conversion rate.

So there you have it, five tips which should boost the number of people clicking on your ads and buying your products. Give them a try.

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