5 Tips To Write An Outstanding Article For Your Guest Post

5 Tips To Write An Outstanding Article For Your Guest Post

5 Tips To Write An Outstanding Article For Your Guest Post

To make your guest post successful, you have to write an outstanding article for your host blog.

But, how can you write such article?

Sure, you are not just seeking for links by doing guest blogging, but you are seeking for attention as well. You want the readers of the host blog notice about you or your blog.

You want them to take a visit to your blog, even if it's just once. So, you need to write an article that will entice them to find out more about your blog. Here are 5 tips to write an outstanding article for your guest post:

1. Write better articles than the host blog

Most blogs will follow certain patterns when writing their posts. For instance, there are blogs that always write long posts, and there are blogs that always write short posts.

As a guest poster, you have to analyze the general pattern of your host blog. What posts are they usually publishing?

Your aim is to write better article than those posts, at least in general. You should give more information, more detailed explanation, and more value to the readers. Of course, it doesn't mean to discredit the host blog.

2. Write as if you're writing for your own blog

Do not feel uneasy when you write for other blog. Some bloggers will feel that if they are writing for other blog, then they have to be different from their usual blogging personality. This is an incorrect thinking.

If you want to write a good guest post, you have to put your personality in it. In other words, you have to write as if you are writing for your own blog.

After all, you are attracting new audience for your blog, right? So, you need to make sure that they are familiar with your writing style.

3. Do more research

When you write a guest post, your reputation is at stake. That's why you need to give your best shot for your guest post.

If you write about topic that is not familiar enough for you, you will need to do more research to perfect your presentation. However, even though the topic is familiar enough, it is better for you to do more research about the topic before you start writing your guest post.

This is to deepen your knowledge about the topic, so that you can give more value to your guest post readers. This will help you to raise your status as an expert.

4. Forget about SEO

5 Tips To Write An Outstanding Article For Your Guest PostYou should forget about SEO in your guest post because you need to focus fully on your readers.

Now, you may not agree with this. But, here are some reasons why you are writing a guest post.

  1. You need to attract new audience to your blog, which means to attract more traffic to your blog.
  2. You want to raise your reputation.
  3. You want to place backlinks for your blog.

When you publish a guest post, you no longer need organic traffic from the search engines because your host blog already has regular traffic coming to it, depending on its popularity.

Regarding your reputation, you can raise your reputation without thinking about SEO in your guest post. The only part where you need to focus on SEO is in your resource box. In this section, you have to use your keywords as anchor text for your backlink. To learn more, check out this article from Social Media Today.

Please note that it doesn't mean that you need to disregard SEO altogether. It only means that you don't need to become obsessive with SEO as to make it an obligation to insert some number of keywords in your guest post.

5. Write on relevant, but untouched topic

This is a bit tricky, because it will be quite difficult to do. Most guest bloggers only follow popular posts of their host blog.

For instance, you may just write similar article as popular posts found in your host blog. And yes, it will save you lots of time.

However, if you are willing to take a better step, you will be able to become an outstanding guest blogger.

What does it mean?

Try to write an article on topic that is relevant, but rarely discussed by the host blogger. For this purpose, you need to analyze the host blog very carefully before you start deciding the topic to write. However, once you've found this untouched topic, you will come with an article that is valuable for both the host blogger and the readers.

If you want to write an outstanding guest post that will attract new audience to your blog, you should follow the tips above.

By Sathishkumar Varatharajan. The author of this article, Sathishkumar Varatharajan is an Internet Marketer from Salem. He owns Kudo Metrics, an Internet Maketing and Web Design Company in Salem, in an effort to help all the small and medium sized businesses to achieve their targets and increase their profits.

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