5 Precious Things You Don’t Want Anyone To Find When They Hack Into Your Computer


5 Precious Things You Don’t Want Anyone To Find When They Hack Into Your Computer

Whenever we go online we are putting ourselves and our business at risk. One of the main reasons is because any great hacker could find their way into your computer.

They might send you an email and if you open it a virus will install keylogging software in the backend of your machine. They could break into your computer through an unsecure Wi-Fi network. There are lots of ways they could do it, but the results are always the same.

Once someone has access to the inside of your computer they will find everything you want to keep a secret.

You could be in real trouble because someone with your private and business data could do anything with it. Maybe you don't understand how serious this is, so let's take a look at some of the things they could find. After reading this you will probably do everything you can to make sure your computer is completely secure.

Any important documents

How many important documents do you have on your hard drive? If you run your business from your computer it's possible you keep everything on there. Do you have any documents you don't want to fall into the wrong hands? Would you be able to keep the business going if someone deleted them? The easiest way to stop that from happening isn't to save them in more than one place. It's to stop people from gaining access to your computer in the first place.

Your passwords

We are all living two lives whether you want to believe it or not. In one life we have a home and in order to protect it we lock it up with a key. It stops anyone from getting inside. In our other life, the one inside the computer, we lock it up with passwords. These passwords are sometimes more valuable than the key to your home. If any of your passwords fall into the hands of a hacker they could cause serious trouble. It's not even worth thinking about and you know you must stop it from happening.

Personal details

One of the most horrible things in the world is picking up the phone and having to be told someone has spent thousands of dollars in your name. They want to be you in order to spend your money, but they disappear when it's time to pay it back. Once someone knows a few key details about you they can easily use it against you. You need to remember that these people who try to turn your life upside down are professionals, so they are best avoided at all costs.

Naked photos

If you have any naked photos on your computer I bet you wouldn't like anyone to get a hold of them. You see the damage it causes celebrities every week, but it could happen to you too. They probably wouldn't send your naked photos to the newspaper, but they could use them to blackmail you. If they had access to your social media accounts they could also splash your bare bum across them for everyone to see, just because they think it would be funny.

Your internet history

You might not go on any adult sites, but what if you did? It won't matter if you're single because you have nobody to answer to, but I bet your wife wouldn't like it if she found out what you had been looking at when she was in bed. If someone knows about the websites you frequent they could easily try to blackmail you. Don't think it won't happen to you because I'm sure that is what everyone thinks before they end up on the receiving end of a blackmailer.

We'll expand on this topic in our upcoming series on cyber-crime.

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