5 Essential Things You Should Aim For When Designing Your First Site

5 Essential Things You Should Aim For When Designing Your First Site

5 Essential Things You Should Aim For When Designing Your First Site

You need to forget about the fact you don't know how to design a website from scratch.

If you're using content management software you don't need to know much because they make everything easy for you.

If you want your website to look a certain way you just need to click a few buttons and it's done. Even if you want to do something complicated you can just pay a freelancer to carry out the one job for you without having to commit to a multi-thousand dollar job.

I hope you feel better now because your website will definitely look great, but there are still a few essential things you should know because they could really help you out.

When a professional is designing a website there are some things they aim for to make sure the website will look great and function properly. You should keep them in mind whenever you do any work on your site.

Use plenty of white space

Don't be afraid to use too much white space because you can never have enough. You start to get problems when you stuff as many things onto a webpage as possible. People have a hundred different things to choose from and they don't know what to look at.

White space is also a lot more relaxing and people will be able to read your articles more easily.

Make your text legible

5 Essential Things You Should Aim For When Designing Your First Site
If you look around the internet you will see some terrible sites with illegible content. This is usually because the webmaster doesn't think things through.

Please make sure you don't use tiny text because people don't have amazing eyesight like you. The text should also be as dark as possible because it's easier to read. Grey text might be hip, but it's definitely not cool.

I won't bother mentioning the font style because I know you will choose one that is easy to read.

Set a goal for each page

When you design each page it's always a good idea to have a specific goal in mind because it means you can focus everyone's attention onto it.

  • A landing page is a good example of this because the sole purpose is to get someone to give you their email address.
  • A sales page always tries to get someone to buy a product.

You can do the same for every page on your website if you think about it carefully and it's possible to make more money if you get it right.

Make everything easy to find

Great navigation is crucial and it's obviously much easier to set everything up before you get started.

Just get a huge piece of pager and lay it out on a desk. Try to imagine what your website is going to look like and split it up into sections. Under each headline you can write down lots of sub-headlines. You can go as deep as possible, but eventually you will have something you can replicate on your site.

Make sure the most important pages are the easiest ones to find.

Use lots of pictures

5 Essential Things You Should Aim For When Designing Your First Site
It's hard to spend a lot of time on a website which lacks visual content because you can get bored pretty easily.

If you want to stimulate a visitor's mind you should go out and find some lovely pictures to use inside all your articles. Hopefully you can draw too because it means you can create your own pictures. They don't have to be perfect, but as long as they are different they will stand out and people will enjoy looking at them.

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