4 Reasons Why You Have More Traffic But Zero Conversions

Why You Have More Traffic But Zero Conversions

4 Reasons Why You Have More Traffic But Zero Conversions

What’s a successful business and what kind of miracle do you need to achieve the same success?

Those questions are most often asked by businessmen who have websites for a long time but don’t have as much paying customers as they envisioned.

Considerably, a lot of interested people are visiting their sites.

But it stops there and apparently, those customers are not interested enough to buy what the company has to offer.

If you’re one of those companies whose analytics tell you that your conversions are not what you expected, read this article.

1. You’re Too Good To Be True

Hard-selling. Somehow when I think about that word, a sleazy salesman with oil-slicked hair comes to mind, trying to persuade me to buy something that I don’t need or want. Of course, your website is meant to sell but there’s a limit to how “sales-y” you should be. Sleaziness means:

  • Sugar coating the facts – Sensational just doesn’t work anymore. Unless you’re Kristin Stewart or Justin Beiber, avoid sensationalism.
  • Inflate the price then give supposedly great discounts – Chances are, your customers checked out similar sites in lieu of looking for a cheaper product. They’ll find out that your discount is not really a discount after all.
  • Veering away from specific questions that prey on your weakness – If your product doesn’t work on concrete floors, then say so. Don’t send them an email that says hardwood is better than concrete. It’s not the answer they’re looking for, after all.

2. You Don’t Know the Meaning of Specific

When customers get to your landing page, they’re all looking for content that can address their needs in a unique way. They also want evidence and it’s not just about the number of people following you on Twitter, the likes on Facebook, and the pluses on Google Plus. Testimonials from real people, case studies, keyword continuity and flawless integration and relevance of the topic are all part of the package. Here are key pointers to making your landing page effective:

  • Ask the right questions – Knowing your target market will make it easy for you to pinpoint what they want to know.
  • Be specific about what action you want them to take – If you want to convince someone to act, then tell him what to do exactly: click to vote, sign up for the email list, or make a donation.
  • Be persuasive but don’t exaggerate – If you can’t write fascinating headlines, hire a copywriter who can turn a boring topic into an interesting one.

3. You Speak Alien

Once he reads your content and doesn’t understand it, your potential customer will click the close button on the browser faster than you can say your name. Yes, you have to sound HUMAN. Tell a story, avoid jargon, and satisfy basic human needs like making and saving money.

Tip: Describe your product or service in detail but avoid your industry’s jargon. A customer who is looking for data security but doesn’t really understand cloud technology will be looking for content that can explain to him what it’s all about in simple language. I want to reiterate that an article that does not have important sounding words is NOT dumb writing at all.

4. Your Website is NOT User-Friendly

Why You Have More Traffic But Zero ConversionsIf your landing page is full of clutter with irrelevant pictures and hard to read fonts, you obviously chose the wrong web design company. Important elements should be on the page as soon as it opens but you need to keep it clean as well.

A user-friendly, attractive and simple page is synonymous to a friendly clerk who smiles pleasantly and says, “How can I help you?” A website which is not optimised, on the other hand, connotes “I’m not in the mood to answer your questions. Just buy and get out of here.” Harsh.

The web is full of companies who claim to be the best in SEO and website design. But their words go only as far as they claim. When you’re looking for a web design company to “clean” your website, ALWAYS ask for a portfolio of their past projects.


Throughout the article, I keep using the word “simple”. People love elaborate parties, watch complicated soap operas, and follow stars with perplexing and intricate lives. But when we’re talking about addressing their needs, they want it uncomplicated. A clutter-free website and straightforward content are all you need, not a miracle.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright keeps tabs on all things new in the world of online marketing marketing. Aside from using this information in her current line of work, she seeks to help and inspire others by writing about her newest discoveries. Keep tabs on Debra @debrawrites

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