No other give-away has ever done this before!

No other give-away has ever done this before!

By Ralf Skirr.


I’ll just want to introduce you to a new kind of give-away that Willie Crawford recommended to me earlier this day.

Seriously, it’s a no brainer…

No other give-away has ever done this before!

Done what?

Offered 100 percent commissions for referrals AND your own special offers!

That’s right the admins are taking nothing and giving it all to you! Sit back and think about it, this is going to be one heck of an event! Everyone will be promoting to earn their share of the referral commissions right? Which means that contributors will be spending less than 10 bux to get the upgrade.


Yeah! Upgrading as a contributor will take you from only being able to submit ONE gift, to being able to submit 3 gifts and 2 text ads and 1 special offer! This offer will surely be a big hit, as the contributor who submitted it will get 100 percent of it’s earnings!

So the cycle will NOT fail!!!

Which bring us to the LIST BUILDING fundamental.

Now with all these contributors raking it in by promoting…

… guess what happens on launch day?

You guessed it!!

Massive Member Signups !!

Now here is the “win win” for everyone… The admins work their tushes off by helping to make special offers submitted, more attractive and sellable, manually approving ALL gifts carefully to ensure a quality event!

You simply sign up, upgrade your account ($9.97)… and grab an email from the promotional tools section and send it out to your list for contributors and then on launch day for members..

With everyone doing their part, some lists are gonna grow for sure, and some fat wallets too!

Click here for the 100 % Give Away.

So jump on in before everyone beats you to the punch ok?

Best of luck!
Ralf Skirr

P.S. There are plenty of commissions to go around!
Click here and get your FULL 100% share now!

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