Things to come – Social scoring will be everywhere. Online and offline

Things to come – Social scoring will be everywhere. Online and offline

By Ralf Skirr.

I've been researching #socialmediainfluence for several weeks now. That is: the scoring of your influence based on how connected you are on the web, and how people respond when you post something.

The most common reaction of people today is that social scoring is silly and not reflecting real influence.

But the site +Mari Smith shared below is a tiny glimpse into our future.
#socialscoring will be everywhere.
– When you apply for a job, your +Klout (or the equivalent form other scoring companies, for example +PeerIndex ) will be checked.
– When you sit down at a restaurant table, your score will pop up on the waiters tiny device for taking orders.
– When you post a tweet, your score will be displayed next to your tweet.
– When you meet a random stranger on the street, his score will pop up in your #googleglasses .

It seem's strange, but the future we've seen in movies is arriving faster than we thought. #ibmm

Reshared post from +Mari Smith

Dating Site Finds You A Mate Based On Your Klout Score

Omg – seriously? Hmmmm – thoughts?

I respect the founders and concept behind +Klout but I still think it's a very arbitrary way of measuring true influence. However, the idea that couples could be matched up based on these arbitrary numbers…. hmm.

Dating Site Finds You a Mate Based on Your Klout Score

Matchmaking service Tawkify, which launched in January, wants to pair singles with similar Klout scores, ages and interests.


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