5 Steps To Going Viral On Twitter

5 Steps To Going Viral On Twitter

By Ralf Skirr.

Copyblogger published a great article titled ‘5 Steps To Going Viral On Twitter’.

At Twitter ‘going viral‘ usually means that your Tweet gets re-tweeted by others. The more ‘generations’ of re-tweeting a post of yours gets, the more people will see your message.

The author, Dan Zarella, unveils his detailed research about:

  1. What phrases work best as ‘call to action’ to make your Tweets go viral?
  2. What is the best time to post your viral Tweets?
  3. What’s the most important thing your post needs for best chances to go viral?
  4. How to increase your rate of ‘virability’?
  5. What types of content make the Twits fall in love with you and get them to re-tweet?

It’s really a great article, very focused and with clear instructions how to make your marketing messages on Twitter successful.

Read it here:

Ralf Skirr

Ralf Skirr

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